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BeetBoost Beet Energy Drink is a tasty chef-made artisan blend of quality beets that are grown in high nitrate-rich soil for more naturally-occurring nitrates per serving. BeetBoost Beet Energy Drink is processed at low temperature to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients. All the fiber is removed, leaving behind pure juice that absorbs and goes to work quickly.

BeetBoost Beet Energy Drink is not a stimulant like sugar or caffeine. You never feel jittery or experience other side effects. Instead, you can finish a long workday or an intense workout feeling fresher – less tired. Energy drinks give you a zip followed by a crash. With BeetBoost, there’s no bonk — ever.

You will experience improved endurance, delayed muscle fatigue and higher mental clarity. BeetBoost Beet Energy Drink is portable, mixes easily with a spoon and can be blended in smoothies. Many use BeetBoost in yogurt, muffins, pancakes and a wide variety of dishes because it’s a functional food—not a dietary supplement. 


Beet juice concentrate, tart cherry extract.

How does BeetBoost Beet Energy Drink Work?

Beets contain naturally occurring nitrates. When you consume beets some of the nitrates mixes with enzymes in your saliva, which converts nitrates to nitrites. The nitrites are then naturally converted to nitric oxide ("NO").

Your body already produces NO in the endothelium layer that lines your arteries. This thin layer of cells responds to the needs of the tissues by regulating blood pressure at the local level. When the endothelium cells detect that the sheer force of blood moving through your body is too high they make nitric oxide and diffuse it into the smooth muscle layer and causes it to relax. This is called "vasodilation" where the arteries literally dilate and increase their diameter size. 

Where there's not enough NO being produced blood flow is reduced and muscles get stiff. Adding BeetBoost Beet Energy Drink to your diet boosts healthy blood flow - 100% naturally - without any added flavours or sweeteners. 

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