How Do I Subscribe?

When adding a product to your cart, you can either choose to make it a one time purchase or subscribe to the product for 10% off. If you are customizing your box, you must subscribe to each individual product. If you would like to subscribe to a pre-built box, you can subscribe to the box when adding it to your cart. You have the option of receiving your subscribed products every 1 or 2 months.


What Does Subscribing Entail?

Having a subscription entails receiving your products every month or bi-monthly, depending on the subscription you’ve chosen. After the initial purchase, no additional information or required steps are needed and your credit card will be automatically charged every month for the cost of your subscribed products.


How Do I Unsubscribe?

Your subscription can be managed in your account on the website. If you wish to unsubscribe, it must be one at least 1 week before your next subscription. If you are having issues with your account, you can contact us directly at hello@tribaymarket.com. 


When Will You Bill My Credit Card?

Your credit card will be billed every time your subscription has been fulfilled.